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Mindful Mondays by Kyle MacDonald

Just a few days ago on the 18th, the Enlighten Wellness group successfully hosted their first event called Mindful Monday! This event consisted of a free coffee giveaway in the Student Union Building, along with a guided meditation later that day, as well as a colouring and stress ball making event which was held later in the evening! This day known as ‘Mindful Monday’, is intended to act as a small but impactful aid to students on campus who simply just need that extra little push, or even just a short period of time to relax and destress from their busy schedules. The Enlighten Wellness team felt as their first of many Mindful Monday events went very well as they roughly impacted over 200 people on campus throughout the day! Coffee ran out, tons of stress balls were made, and the colouring acted as a great stress reliever. Enactus and Enlighten Wellness would also like to thank Ivan Drouin for a great and effective mindfulness and meditation session! It really allowed for everyone to take a little chunk of time out of their busy and stressful agendas to relax and clear their minds from all that is constantly in their minds. It was an opportunity to take a deep breath, and simply just disconnect from everything that was going on. Finally, Enlighten Wellness is a great project for anyone and everyone to join at anytime! So keep an eye out for new information on meeting dates and such, and come and be a part of this great project!! The next Mindful Monday will be held on December 9th, so please stay tuned for details!

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