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The Importance of Balanced Nutrition by Austin Lee

I feel as though one of the most important factors in someone's mental and general health is a well balanced diet consisting of balanced nutrition. Balanced nutrition meaning consistently sourcing foods from each food group while not constantly eating foods from a single group or eating large amounts of processed and/or inorganic foods. While it is okay to consume processed meats and foods with processed sugars/carbs in moderation it shouldn't become a habit. I believe that a great way to promote this idea is through our food boxes that we are aiming to make through our project Uplifted Upcyclers'. These food boxes are going to contain fresh, local produce and meats along with local recipes & other products, all of which being a good mix of healthy and local foods. I feel like this will be a beneficial way to provide people with a great service, grouping healthy foods together, making it easy for busy people/students to make wholesome meals all in one package!

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