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Enactus StFX is a social entrepreneurship platform that allows students to build networking and leadership skills while making a difference in the local and global community. The work we do is aimed at providing a community based approach to solving some of society’s biggest challenges. We ensure that our team are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.


To use entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to enable positive social, environmental and economical change in the StFX community. 



Financial capability is one domain in which the inadequacies of humans are particularly stark. Perfect Cents believes that the first step to enacting positive change is by informing others. This project addresses financial issues faced by minority groups by providing financial literacy workshops across rural communities in Nova Scotia.



Enlighten Wellness is a collaborative effort between students of StFX and business professionals who support mental health and wellness. Enlighten Wellness offers workshops, presentations, and meditation classes to businesses.  The objective of this project is to provide a partnership for mental health support and solutions within the workplace in hopes of reducing mental health stigma and workplace absence connected to mental health. 


Uplifted Upcycler is a project that encourages environmental sustainability by using recycled cotton products to create reusable produce bags. Our cotton is sourced primarily from donations; however, when necessary we buy them from cost-efficient secondhand outlets. We are hiring marginalized student interns to disassemble each item and to sew them into durable, aesthetically pleasing produce bags. Our mission is to cut down on the consumption of single-use plastic bags on our university campus and the general community.


At Enactus StFX, we are always looking for new projects. Projects are required to fit one of four categories: environmental sustainability, youth empowerment, financial literacy or entrepreneurial action.  Send us your ideas and we can help you turn your idea into a business by providing you with the funds and volunteers necessary!  

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If you’re interested in joining our general team, feel free to send your request to StFXEnactus@gmail.com 

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