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Sports Leadership Conference


The Enactus team is thrilled to be brining back our "Sports Leadership Conference," for its second year. A dynamic initiative that brings together high school students from across Nova Scotia. This transformative event assembles a panel of inspirational figures, including StFX athletes, coaches, and staff, to engage young minds in discussions about the profound benefits of sports and student-athlete life.

In the fast-paced world of academia and extracurricular activities, the value of sports and athletics often goes unnoticed. The Enactus Sports Leadership Conference aims to bridge this gap by showcasing the myriad advantages of being involved in sports. Through this event, high school students are given a unique opportunity to gain insights from accomplished athletes and experienced coaches, who share their personal journeys and the life lessons they've learned through sports.


The conference is not just about promoting physical activity; it's about instilling values and leadership skills in the next generation. The panelists emphasize qualities such as discipline, teamwork, resilience, and time management, all of which are essential for success both on and off the field. They demonstrate how these skills acquired through sports can significantly benefit students' academic and personal lives.

At its core, the Enactus Sports Leadership Conference fosters inspiration and mentorship. It provides high school students with a platform to interact with role models who have walked the path they aspire to follow. The panelists' stories of dedication, perseverance, and achievement serve as a beacon of hope for these young minds, inspiring them to reach for their dreams.

This initiative transcends the boundaries of sports; it's about molding future leaders. The Enactus team believes that by nurturing leadership skills in student-athletes, they are preparing a generation of individuals who can excel in all aspects of life. With each conference, they move closer to a future where the positive impact of sports and leadership transcends Nova Scotia, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of young athletes. The Enactus Sports Leadership Conference is an empowering event that fuels dreams, ignites passions, and paves the way for tomorrow's athlete-leaders.

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